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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Since I have foresworn computer games, my idle time is often spent drawing and scheming on how maybe - just maybe - I could make a comic that is pretty decent. Often I want to shout my ideas at the internet, futile though it may be.

However I know from personal experience that it is generally pretty intolerable when a comic creator has a whole bunch to say about every minor detail of his project. To be exposed to such a person, it is like wading through dead leeches or possibly sea cucumbers.

Consequently I have created another blog in which to direct such things - I have just added a bunch of recent sketches that I inked with my new magic pen. Those of you with a perverse desire to witness me punching myself in the testicles for not being exactly like Chris Onstad are welcome to check it out.


Anonymous ShagPile said...

Okay this has put a big grin on my face. This Monday, Richie, Robson, Bex and I are going down to the zoo to have a private meeting with the orang-utans and the lemurs. For various reasons orang-utans are my favourite monkey type animal. I have no opinion on lemurs though. There will be many photos taken. As long as I don't look overly fat in them I'll send you a copy.

Some other stuff is happening that's putting a big grin on my face too however I'll e-mail you about those.

Tue Feb 06, 10:14:00 PM PST

Blogger Murray said...

So coy, O'Hoy!

You don't need to hint mysteriously at "various reasons" for liking orang-utans. They are objectively awesome.

Sounds like a mean situation. Let a dude know.

Wed Feb 07, 08:06:00 AM PST

Blogger etnobofin said...

Orang-utans? Hope I get to see some pictures too...:-P

Sun Feb 11, 11:54:00 AM PST


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