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Monday, November 27, 2006

Whose Job Is It To Write This Stuff?

I don't normally bother to record these things, but I just got my coat back from the drycleaners in a big old plastic bag. It was a bag suitable to contain a large coat.

On the bag is printed the following:


I wrote my first letter to you, and since that time one happy year has elapsed. When I first picked up my pen to write to you, we were total strangers. But now, we are even closer than friend, bound together by the strongest chains of good confidence. As long as we live, this memorable day will be marked on my calendar in brightest red. "Enjoy your Life" to both of us on this our every-day.

Incidentally, one of Futawamukodai's many scary, interferring old ladies gave me a telling-off for taking too long to pick up my coat (!) - "But I was working!" I protested. This was, of course, a total lie - and the lie did not impress, or was perhaps a non-sequitur in this context. I am developing a habit of lying and asking unnecessary questions purely to practice my Japanese, which remains very patchy and generally woeful. I am like a three-year old that for some reason knows the word for "business trip".


Blogger etnobofin said...

"Enjoy your Life" to both of us on this our every-day...

...almost brings a tear to the eye.

Wed Nov 29, 12:40:00 PM PST


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