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Monday, September 25, 2006

Today I Didn't Even Have To Use My AK

Well shucks it is pretty nice weather today. Things have cooled down a little and the sun is out. Temperature is low-to-mid 20s most of the time at the moment. Dragonflies in the garden. I saw smart yellow butterflies doing a mating dance, or possibly an attempted rape, while I was hanging out the washing. The dude butterfly got rejected and then flew into a spider web. I felt a lot of empathy towards that butterfly, like maybe he was my spirit totem or something.

(Here I am imagining a glossy, beautifully illustrated children's almanac called "Losers of the Animal Kingdom", that butterfly is on one page, maybe a shot of him all snarled up in the web, and on the next page is a picture of me with my hand stuck in a peanut butter jar. With maybe a pregnant male seahorse on the cover.)

But I digress. It's a lovely day so I walked the long way around to the supermarket and discovered a park. Perhaps a good spot to down cold brews on the adventure playground in the middle of a humid night. When I got to the supermarket car-park there was a stand-off happening between the police and a small group of moped enthusiasts. The gang had these piddly little white mopeds, and the police had rolled up on their own cute little motorcycles, about half a dozen of them. I assume it was a stand-off - neither group was speaking, both were idling about and shifting their weight from foot to foot, as though waiting for the others to leave. I had the distinct impression that the police were waiting for the youths to confess some crime (any crime?), and had previously issued an ultimatum to the effect that "they could wait all day if necessary". I may well have misread the situation.

Finally I had a happy discovery in supermarket - they make loaves of croissant bread here! It's like a croissant.... except it's a LOAF of croissant. Brilliant idea! I just ate some - seriously, just now.

Things are pretty okay!


Blogger etnobofin said...

Spirit totem... tumeke bro, tumeke.

Speaking of animals, where's Savage at? Who did you foist him on?

Mon Sep 25, 09:55:00 AM PDT

Blogger Murray said...

He lives with my auntie and two cousins out in Papakura now. My lovely grandmother sends me a letter every week which usually includes some detail of his exploits, e.g. "He hid under the bed" or "He ran around the lounge". Sounds like he's having a great time, best of all there are no other neighbourhood cats to beat him up. He's being well looked after.

Mon Sep 25, 07:18:00 PM PDT

Anonymous S. said...

Was wondering what happened to that little scamp. Good to know he's well.

Shithead now sits around the lounge room all day shedding hair. The house is his.

Tue Sep 26, 10:55:00 PM PDT


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