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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Un Livre Dont VOUS Etes Le Heros

Things of note today:

1) Manda Overboard has made an important stand against circumcision... and at no point does she compare the uncircumcised penis to a sea slug. It's nice to know of ONE lady that doesn't bring that up.

Apparently circumcision does make you better at not getting AIDS though.

After following the men for a year, the researchers found that for every 10 uncircumcised men in the study who became infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, only an estimated three circumcised men contracted the virus, the newspaper reported.

The study is considered significant because scientists have yet to discover an effective vaccine against the HIV virus or develop a reliable way to prevent infection other than through abstinence or safe-sex practices.

At last, an effective alternative to the jimmy hat: FETCH ME THE SHEARS MOMMA, I AIN'T WEARIN' NO GUNNY SACK!!!

Seriously though fellers, how many terrible rap b-sides do you need to hear before you just put a lid on that thing?

CONCLUSION: A man's junk is like roast chicken, though it may be less healthy, it's better with the skin left on.

2) Weird medical clip art... I found this stuff weeks ago while looking for reference material for drawing, and I've been meaning to bring it up ever since.

Mainly, I just wanted to know how to draw "child voluntarily drinking an activated charcoal slurry":

It costs sixty-nine bucks to license this image.
Child voluntarily drinking an activated charcoal slurry

The work in the LifeART collection may be stilted and weird-looking, but it's the captions that really transport it upon a lofty ledge of artistic merit, from which vantage it pisses down upon the likes of Dali, setting him cussing and spluttering, and wilting his stupid gimmick moustache, eerily and precisely after the exact fashion of one the ridiculous melting clocks in his banal, meritless paintings.

I present now a gallery of favourites:

Dang but that baby's face looks familiar
Infant lying on back without diaper; adult left hand lifts both legs
while right hand cleanses baby's bottom with clean cloth

Dressing up a shaved gibbon ain't make you a mother ma'amInjury occurs when excessive axial traction is placed across the elbow joint; illustration shows child holding hand of woman and beginning to fall with elbow of free hand extended

And who could forget this classic health science scenario?

To secure a fix, drug addicts may resort to crime, prostitution, and modeling for the Barker's catalogueOne teenager smoking marijuana while another is injecting a drug into his arm

"Ah, that old chestnut!", I hear you exclaim. Finally, a personal favourite:

His peers seem to be a pair of off-duty policeman who both contracted kidney nephritis at a young ageStuttering child trying to talk to peers

3) I recently systematized my Flickr into a set of categories that can encompass anything sufficiently corporeal to be visible on camera. Linnaeus can eat a dick! I have uploaded a few photos recently, so if you like buildings and mildly amusing Japanese signs check it out. I'm gonna try and catch up on my photo uploads, I've still got a backlog.

Tune in next time for the first in an ongoing series: "Fighting Fantasy: Memoires of YOU" (alternative title: "Of Skellingtons and T-Junctions: The Long Hard Road to Page 400")

If you've ever had your arm in a cast, you'll know what I'm talking aboutI'm sure they're tired of the obvious questions by now.


Anonymous Amanda said...

Oh my GOSH. Those pictures are beautiful. In particular, I truly love the child falling. Who knew that merely falling down when young could turn you into a child with a genetic deformity?

Fri Jul 20, 05:43:00 PM PDT

Anonymous ShagPile said...

Hey did you know there was another remake of the Poseidon Adventure in 2005 that starred Rutger Hauer, Steve Guttenberg and Bryan Brown? All that cast needs is Lou Diamond Phillips and perfection will have been achieved.

I know this has nothing to do with Amanda's foolish hatred of circumcised penises but I felt the need to tell someone.

Sat Jul 28, 09:29:00 PM PDT

Blogger Murray said...

I think the word "pity" would be more appropriate than "hatred" in this case, but then, perhaps I shouldn't speak on behalf of others.

Please invite Hayden to log on and express his opinions regarding circumcision. (Get him drunk first and tell him not to hold back).

Sun Jul 29, 05:58:00 AM PDT

Anonymous Amanda said...

Nah, it's more annoyance at the pointlessness of it than anything else.

Sat Aug 04, 04:24:00 PM PDT


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