I live in Tokyo now but most of my friends and family do not. The main idea here is that I can tell these people about interesting things that happen and are seen.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Basic Status Update + new photos

A Dude's Flickr is updated.

Also I have a job and mobile phone now. Not bad going for a dude that does not know a damn thing about what he is doing from moment to moment.

HERE'S THE FLASH FOR WHAT'S NEW: I have enabled anonymous comments posting on this here blog so that one can comment without having to have a Blogger account.

Cheers to "Handsome" Ben for the prompting.


Blogger etnobofin said...

Hmmm, now why would Handsome Ben wish to conceal his identity...?

Thu Aug 10, 03:08:00 PM PDT

Blogger Murray said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Fri Aug 11, 04:02:00 AM PDT

Blogger Murray said...

Oh, Cheese, by the way - "Handsome Ben" isn't the Ben you know... he's known as "Average Looking Ben" now, just so things don't get too confusing.

Fri Aug 11, 04:03:00 AM PDT

Anonymous morgan said...

He used to be "Crazy" Ben, back in the good ole days...

Good times.

Mon Aug 21, 12:59:00 PM PDT

Blogger Murray said...

Oh, you mean like before he blossomed.

Mon Aug 21, 08:03:00 PM PDT


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