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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Omens, Portents: The Seasons Revolve, For Perhaps A Smidgen Longer Yet

Well, winter may be drawing to a close here in Japan. Precocious, rowdy ume blossoms are out already, though the temperature has not risen all that appreciably. Generally they are disdained as being poor cousins of the sakura and just basically too damn eager.

I was extremely terrified of the Japanese winter before I came here, but this year at least it largely consisted of dry, sunny, calm days with nice soft light and vague blue shadows. The cold I would generously describe as "enlivening". In retrospect, I rather liked it.

Even as the season turns, so too my fortunes. On Monday I'll move into my new digs in Rad Dudez Town - never again to step off the train on a Saturday night to be greeted by the tell-tale smell of shit - another Fertilizer Night in Futawamukodai (roughly a fortnightly event). This has been a nice wee home base for me, but if I wanted to live in the countryside I could live in the countryside in New Zealand, a place where the countryside is extremely much less crappy. I'm hoping I'll see less people with kumara-size scalp tumours in Rad Dudez Town too but I suppose I'm really just keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

What's more, I saw a Japanese woman today that had a nice arse. NO REALLY.

Now, I don't want to be crass about this, but... I ain't been seeing enough decent arses. It is a fact. I am not really A Arse Dude, or even a man that considers the concepts of "A Tit Dude" and "A Arse Dude" as entirely useful in describing the world, but I have come to realize that I have a definite preference in the matter of A Girl's Bum and it is waaaaaaaay out on the rarefied rightmost reaches of the bell curve in Japan. So I have been feeling a lack... it is like living in a country where there's no orange. You could live a pretty satisfying life without the colour orange, I suppose. But you would miss it and maybe you would think about it a lot more than people normally do, if you get me. So after six months it was a pretty staggering thing for me for me to see this bum - this missing colour! - to see a bum with that kind of righteous geometry. Let me state that this was not an especially pervey experience for me. The satisfaction I obtained from witnessing this great thing was clear, lucid... empyreal! It was like the satisfaction of a dude straight up solving a hardcore maths equation. A saucy, wanton equation, an equation that has longed defied him! A tricky kind of equation. Today I feel like a man who knows the value of x, and possibly also the rate at which x is changing. I hope in my heart that she was not merely equipped an extremely well designed incontinence diaper.

Aaaaand, the other thing that pleases me is that I'm going to see Stevie Wonder play on Saturday. I'm hoping he will mainly bust out the reeeeeeal joints (and also "Part Time Lover").

Here are 4 details that I appreciate about Stevie Wonder's music that maybe other folks haven't thought about a great deal.

1) Near the end of "Do I Do" where he has a go at rapping and quickly derails into saying "za za [sentence fragment] za za" like some forgotten, aphasic member of the Sugar Hill Gang. It was so completely game of him to do this and then leave it on the record. It's a party. Stevie doesn't give a fuck that he can't rap. So awesome.

2) The key change near the end of "I Just Called To Say (I Love You)"... yes it is a pretty terrible song, and that last key change has got to be about the corniest time and fashion in which a key ever was changed. But I recognize this as an achievement, and on the few occasions I have ever listened far enough into the song, that key change has never failed to cause my eyes to clench shut and my arms to curl up to my chest like I was hugging a blanket.

3) At the start of "Don't You Worry (Bout A Thing)" when he's pretending he can speak Spanish. Dude's got a sense of humour. I love it when a genius has a sense of humour.

4) Also from "Do I Do" - how completely stoked is he is to have Dizzie Gillespie playing on his song? It's so nice to hear Stevie being fully psyched about that.

Probably I will write up something about the show afterwards even if it's just "hi it was good! i mean wow - stevie - okay bye now xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

(If I don't it's because I'm busy or I have to buy some stupid cable to make the inter net go at my new house).


Blogger etno said...

With regards to key changes in Stevie Wonder songs, I always thought the out choruses of "Golden Lady" pretty much took the biscuit. But agree that the change at the end of IJCTSILY is also pretty chest-clenching.

Sat Feb 17, 03:35:00 AM PST


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